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The music of the peoples, regions and countries of the Western Balkans is more similar than different, and the variety of musical expressions and cultures is a cultural specificity and priority that needs to be insisted on. Music connects people, breaks prejudice and hatred. Music does not know the boundaries!

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United soundsof balkan

The project idea was inspired by popular planet wide movement "Playing for Change" and their program "Song around the World" which was created to inspire and connect the world, nations, cultures and religions through music.


At the global level the "Playing for Change" program features a song performed simultaneously by Pakistani, Indian, Israeli, Libyan, South African, Spanish, American and other musicians. There is no reason why musicians from various ethnic groups in BH including Roma, or musicians from different BH regions (Krajina, East Bosnia, Central Bosnia, Herzegovina etc) couldn’t do it. 

USB (United Sounds Of Balakan) is a program within the Musicians Without Boreder project where musicians from different regions, with different ethnic backgrounds and with various stylistic and professional orientations participate in the recording of selected songs. The project (and USB program) is implemented by the Association of Urban Artists Manifest from Prijedor.

The pilot project will be implemented in four areas in B-H. Those are: the Prijedor area, the Mostar area, the Brcko area and the Bihac area. The project team will choose two songs and producer (a seasoned musician) will create new arrangement for those songs. The project team  will choose which musicians from three major B-H ethnic groups and Roma people will take part in recording the songs. There will be at least 8 musician playing on each of the songs. The musicians will be provided with the basic arrangement for both songs, and each musician will have their part in the composition. The musicians’ playing will be video and audio recorded in style of the famous “Playing for Change” project. Both recorded songs will have an accompanying video spot.

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Dejan Dejanović

Music Producer

Dragan Zrnić

Executive Producer
sinisa aleksic

Siniša Aleksić

Sound Engineer

Dragoslav Babić

Video Producer

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Slavka Rodića 20, 79 000 Prijedor Republika Srpska, Bosna i Hercegovina

Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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